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Back to School | Vintage

So, last year, I started what would become an annual mini session; Back to School. I put all of my own back to school worries away and got out my camera and starting shooting. I have since decided that Pinterest is devilish and wonderful all in the same sense. It pulls this creativeness from deep within that gets you all riled up and super excited about your ideas and then smacks you in the face with the amount of time it takes to get the coveted end result. Has it stopped me from persuing? Absolutely not. My favorite part of these sessions is watching each child take their time to carefully write their name the absolute best that they can. Some give me curly q’s, all CAPS, their best attempt at cursive and some even have their own signature at age 5, whatever the end result, it is a moment frozen in time, captured in an image for mom and dad to remember just how she wrote her name that year. Here is to an amazing 2013-14 school year. Thank you for allowing me to help you get it started!

Now, to start planning for next year…

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