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Black & White | CM Blog Circle July

I have a love|hate relationship with black and white photos. They are either, in my eyes, amazing or so-so. Trying to balance the color in the image so that it is still represented as intended in the black and white version is very difficult to me. I’m sure I just overthink things, but I guess its just in my nature.  Here are some images I have taken this past month and I’ll explain to you what I like or don’t like about the image in b&w.

This image I love.  He stood perfectly in the small amount of light which allowed for highlight framing. There is just something I love about an image that is dark and intriguing and then out of nowhere, the subject just pops. This one will have a special place in my favorite folder forever.



This next one is to show how you can manipulate colors within black and white images. Her face was painted a beautiful magenta with blue accents, which typically in black and white are not as drastic as I portrayed in this image. Tweaking the color slides after converting to black and white allowed for me to make these two colors stand out a little more to leave the intensity of the paint intact without the actual color.


This next image is one of my favorites of a sweet little girl. The focus is sharp but look a little soft because of the lack of dark features. Everything about the image is really great, technically, not to mention the shear adorability of her. I may have just made up a new word…. Anyhow, I love this image, but not so much in black and white. There are too many light tones and not enough contrasting tones to balance the image. This is the image with a deep vignette added and slightly darkened, and then converted to b&w. Her eyes are so blue that they pop, seriously. Some people may love this, but I think it makes the image almost look over edited. What do you think?




Ok, here is another that I’m in love with. When I talk about balance, this is what I mean. Her light skin and outfit against the dark board are, to me, ideal for a black and white conversion.


This last one is another that sits in my favorites folder. He looks so sweet and innocent, and Lord knows… this image actually was nice in both color and black and white, but I felt that the black and white conversion helped with the over all mood of the image. His sheets on this day were yellow and would give to much pop to the story being told. Black and white conversions can completely change the mood of an image and thats the reasoning for my choosing to change this image.


Well, I’m no expert with black and white images, but I hope that what I have learned over the past few years can help to give you a little insight in your photography adventures, if you have them. If not, then I hope you enjoyed me blabbering about what all I’ve learned. Again, these images aren’t the epitome of black and white conversions – I do much better with color! 🙂

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