f/11 – What in the world is that? If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have looked at you with a weird, crooked face – or just smiled, since that is the universal language that means ‘uh-huh’.

Well, to get back on track that funky looking f/# is a big deal to photographers. Technically it tells us how wide or narrow the shutter opens when you take photograph. The larger the number, f/16 for instance,  the smaller the opening in the shutter making a much clearer, focused imaged through the depth of field. The depth of the field is the distance of the photo that will be in focus. The smaller the number f/1.4 for instance, the larger the shutter opens shrinking down the depth of field in focus in the image. The small apertures are the ones that create those lovely images that have blurred backgrounds with the subject sharp tack. That blurry goodness is bokeh.

So, to show you examples of what the differences are, I have taken a series of photos. This is the new and lovely gerber daisy in my teeny tiny garden.

This first image is taken a f/11 – the theme for this months blog. Notice the background as we go through the other images. The one to the right is taken at f/8.










The image here on the left is taken at f/5.6 and the one to the right at f/4.0. The background is losing focus, yet the focus is still being maintained on the red flower. If the focus were to be moved to another subject, one of the yellow flowers for instance, the blurriness would start to be seen in the objects in front of the one of which the main focus is on as well.










The image here on the left is at f/2.8 and the on the right f/2.0. The bokeh effect that can be captured in a lens that will open to an f/2.8 is one that is a pretty commonly sought amongst many photographers. Of course, depending upon the subject, lower apertures can be sought, but keeping the focus on moving subjects such as small, playful children becomes more difficult and detail in facial features begins to get lost.










And finally – what photogs like to refer to as ‘wide-open’ f/1.4. Everything in the photograph, except that of which the focus is maintained, is blurry. The flower was a very simple example to show the depth given with the different apertures, but keep in mind if the object were larger and had more depth, then the focus would look completely different. Image a face where the nose is in focus and the rest of the face is blurry, not so much of what one is looking for in a photo.  While the bokeh is great and adds wonderful depth to images, it is always important to make sure that the entire subject you are photographing maintains focus for the clarity of the image.


I hope these images help you to understand what the f/11 means. Why did we choose f/11? Well, it’s kind of the ‘in-between’ when it comes to aperture. Not as crisp as it could be, but not the bokeh as you see in the above image.

So to celebrate f/11, my family and I went out to our towns Centennial celebration. Prosper is pretty great and we are proud to be here.

f11-2396 f11-2461 f11-2445 f11-2440 f11-2410 f11-2392 f11-2389 f11-2383 f11-2366

Well, there you have it. A “jessicafied” aperture 101 lesson. I hope you gained some knowledge, if you are interested about this aspect of photography. However, if you didn’t, I take no credit, remember, I teach 4th graders, not photography!

Now please head on over to Lindsay’s page of Lindsay Crandall Photography, Rochester, NY. She has an amazing take on this theme. I mean she should, it was her idea!

It’s March – and if you are like me, you’re anxious for the arrival of the green. At least we will be for the first month or so, then comes the mowing, sunscreen, sweat pockets under your legs in your driver’s seat – don’t deny it, you know it happens to you too.

Well me and the girls thought that green was the perfect theme for our CM Blog Circle. I hope you stick around and check out their take on our theme this month.

Undeniable signs of spring: allergies (luckily not so much for me, but certainly for the rest of my family, Ty (chihuahua) starts shedding – dog hair in every crevasse of the house, water bill increases, WIND – holy wind, threats of tornados (thankfully none so far this year) and who could forget the beloved Texas State Assessments? Yes, it is official, Spring has sprung.

While here in Texas we are graced with the presence of the beloved Bluebonnets. They are beautiful and photographers and mom’s alike will pull over on the busiest street around to catch a glimpse of them or create the most dreamy bokeh with them in the background of their photos.

Well, the bluebonnets aren’t quite ready here, but I have been eyeing the most beautiful purple weeds on the way to school each morning for at least the past week. Not to mention, purple flowers are a HUGE incentive to my nearly five year old subject.

RylinSpringSOOC-8452 WR

RylinSpring-8306 WR RylinSpring-8317 WRThis guys decided to join us mid shoot. He even got the memo about our ‘green’ theme. Garfunkel was precious.

Rylin Spring-8406 WR

Rylin Spring-8497WR

Rylin Spring-8526 WR RylinSpring-8542 WR

Here in Prosper, we are surrounded by the views and sounds of farming. Something I love and brings back memories from the small town of which I grew up in. This time of year, we have endless fields of wheat, now green, that will soon brown. I hope you have enjoyed my take on green this month. Please head over to Stephanie Saladino Photography to see her take on the theme!

I can’t imagine what it must be like to head to your routine prenatal glucose test to find out that you are 4cm dialated. Next, your admitted to the hospital immediately and then told that you’ll be lucky if they don’t come before the night is over. Five weeks before they are supposed to arrive. |I have to add, that I was completely off on the arrival of these sweet babies. They were in fact TEN weeks early. I’m not sure why my mind was stuck on five, but ten makes a huge difference. Either way, they are both completely healthy and almost ready to head home!|

Boston and Charlotte’s conception was a journey in itself and while mom and dad where nothing but elated and thrilled for their arrival, wishing them an early arrival that would guarantee weeks in the NICU was never something anyone wished for, but that’s exactly what happened.

They were both born weighing under 4lbs, but miraculously have had minimal health struggles.

Here is what I got to witness. Days of routines, cables, machines and doing the best you can to bond with your sweet little babies. Constant watch at the numerous monitors around and listening for their  alarms wondering if anything might me wrong. Patience and strength is what I saw to these two young loving parents. A new and never ending love for one another and these two brave babies.

I’m so excited to see what these two precious babies have in store for you guys. I admire your strength and courage. Thank you for letting me inside.

B&CBlog1 B&CBlog2

It’s that time again. Myself and some fellow camera junkies are attempting to spread the love. When you are finished with mine, please follow our blog circle to get another take on this month’s theme.

Love. It’s all around. In things we see, people around us and what we do. I like to say I have surrounded myself with lots of love. I am married to the love of my life, have created two amazing little beings, am able to teach the growing youth of my town and as if that weren’t enough, I get to create lovely memories for others and my own family through my lens.

It didn’t all start out with cupcakes and rainbows. But, I can remember snapping photos that I was ever so in love with. And then came the sharing – the beginning of the social media craze. My photos were everywhere for everyone to see. I mean, why not, they were uh-maz-ing! …

If you can hold on to you seat and grabs a tissue for the tears that will start flowing from laughter, then join me on this trip down memory lane. For this, my friends, was the VERY beginning of Jessica Cadis Photography – and the biggest love of photography of any being alive – me.

The first photo is a direct replica of my own reactions when digging through these gems.


Oh wow, did you make it down to this point without curling up your nose or bursting out with laugher?! If not, it’s  ok, I forgive you already.

Ok, well, they may not be the worst photos ever, but they look nothing like those images that you see all over the web that are the ‘AFTER’ version of the top selling Photoshop actions that I was dying to achieve.

I know, I know, what’s your point Jessica? Well, I have to go back to just one word. Our theme this month – love. This all started with a true love for creating amazing images, and boy did I think that these beauties ^^ were just that. As with so many things in our lives that we either out grow, or grow a love so strong that its undying, this love for photography has become the latter. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent researching, reading. learning, trying, and most of all, time away from my family to pursue this love for photography.

So, let’s flash forward almost 3 years to what my love has become.  My sweet precious Bentley is turning 2 in a week, so I took him out to make time stand still, if even for a moment. Here is what I got.

Bentley2-4920 WR Bentley2-4939 WR Bentley2-4946 WR Bentley2-4994 WR Bentley2-4995 WR Bentley2-5000 WR Bentley2-5013 WR

Isn’t he precious!?! – I know, I’m partial. But, agh, ugh, ^^^ that one right there grabs this mommies heart strings and pulls tight.

If you are still reading this, then I thank you for hanging in there with me. While this may seem to some as a brag session, that isn’t my intent at all. I have come to a point in my obsession with photography to see where I’m good and where I still need improvement. Most of all, I can look back at my first images that I was ‘oh so in love’ with and  see not only the technical flaws, but I can feel the desire and passion in each and every one. I can remember trying so hard to be so good – and taking each compliment received from anyone  – trying to remain humble in my endeavors.

Do you have a love for something? Anything that you may think that you will never succeed in, or never be as good as the rest? I feel like that has been me and photography over the past few years. Working hard towards something you love can be very overwhelming and in itself depressing during each and every moment that you spend comparing yourself to the ‘amazing ones’. It’s taken me so long to find what I would like to call my style. I’m still not even sure if I’m ready to call it a style, but I’m just getting to the point where I’m more satisfied with my end product – almost five years after owning my first DSLR camera.

If you have a love for photography, I just want to prove to you that it can be done. Nothing with a reward is easy.  The challenge and time invested in learning a new skill only adds to the appreciation of that skill. A famous quote I have to remind myself of frequently is this:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

In the end, don’t allow a comparison to others let you lose the love and passion that you have in whatever it is that you do. If you have a true love of something, nothing can hold you back.

Run over to Kate Gavos Photography to see her take on this months theme, you’ll be glad you did.


So, to put myself ‘out there’ a little more, I’m doing a little more. I know, right? You’re thinking, when the hell do you have time to do that? I can’t promise that it will always be perfect, but we take baby steps right?

So, I’ve been a member of Clickin’ Moms for a year now, and I have to say, it contains a wealth of knowledge. It just so happens to be where I have had the chance to meet up with a dozen or so other ladies who are on a mission to ‘do more’ this year, just like me. So, here we are. A blog circle. We have a different theme each month and after you check out my awesomeness, you get to check on even more awesomeness. Just click on the link I provide to continue your journey.

So this month we chose |My Life| as our theme. I pretty much flood you guys with posts and images of my kids, so brace yourself for a little more.

Here they are. My sweet babies. Weekly grocery shopping and we got to tag along. The secret is, my super hero hubby, Eric, does all the grocery shopping for us. This trip was a little crazier, and more expensive than usual. My life is pretty much in the place it is now because of him. He is my everything. He loves me, supports me and gave me the two cutest kids alive (I know, aren’t they?!).

Joy WR

I have to say that I’m pretty lucky. I have a mixture of personalities that present themselves almost daily.

Artists: Glowing blond locks and booger nosed, paint covered face.



Four going on 14… MyLifeJanWeb-0093 MyLifeJanWeb-2374

Food Connoisseurs… of cereal and snacks.



My Life.

Unique. Quirky. Fun.

Simply amazing.

Please go check out the talented Charity Fox of Photography by Charity Fox and her take on this months theme |My Life|.