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It’s March – and if you are like me, you’re anxious for the arrival of the green. At least we will be for the first month or so, then comes the mowing, sunscreen, sweat pockets under your legs in your driver’s seat – don’t deny it, you know it happens to you too.

Well me and the girls thought that green was the perfect theme for our CM Blog Circle. I hope you stick around and check out their take on our theme this month.

Undeniable signs of spring: allergies (luckily not so much for me, but certainly for the rest of my family, Ty (chihuahua) starts shedding – dog hair in every crevasse of the house, water bill increases, WIND – holy wind, threats of tornados (thankfully none so far this year) and who could forget the beloved Texas State Assessments? Yes, it is official, Spring has sprung.

While here in Texas we are graced with the presence of the beloved Bluebonnets. They are beautiful and photographers and mom’s alike will pull over on the busiest street around to catch a glimpse of them or create the most dreamy bokeh with them in the background of their photos.

Well, the bluebonnets aren’t quite ready here, but I have been eyeing the most beautiful purple weeds on the way to school each morning for at least the past week. Not to mention, purple flowers are a HUGE incentive to my nearly five year old subject.

RylinSpringSOOC-8452 WR

RylinSpring-8306 WR RylinSpring-8317 WRThis guys decided to join us mid shoot. He even got the memo about our ‘green’ theme. Garfunkel was precious.

Rylin Spring-8406 WR

Rylin Spring-8497WR

Rylin Spring-8526 WR RylinSpring-8542 WR

Here in Prosper, we are surrounded by the views and sounds of farming. Something I love and brings back memories from the small town of which I grew up in. This time of year, we have endless fields of wheat, now green, that will soon brown. I hope you have enjoyed my take on green this month. Please head over to Stephanie Saladino Photography to see her take on the theme!

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