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Getting the perfect shot. Is it possible? Absolutely. Does it happen in every shoot? Not always. I can’t help but think of my own struggles this past weekend with my own family in trying to imagine what it’s like for my clients. You spend what feels like days getting the outfits together, hours preparing the perfect schedule that will certainly ensure the best attitude and then finally, you get this:

Quite frankly, I don’t even remember taking this shot. I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that my own kids were taking part. I call this amazing. Is my son smiling? No, but hey, he’s not running away, crying or screaming AND he’s looking at the camera – sort of, so I call it a perfect shot.


Truth is, what I’m going to show you next, is mostly what I got from this shoot. These images and the biggest headache of my life.

I swear, I couldn’t make these images up and I wouldn’t waste my time photoshopping them to make a point.

This one is my favorite by far. It shows pretty much the attitudes and feelings of everyone, for the entire 45 minutes we spent trying to make it happen. Screaming, fake smile, “Hooray, I get a prize!” and I’m just laid back and doing what I’m told.

Did I get some great images, of course. I’ll show you those in a minute. What I’m trying to say here, are what are your expectations for your photo shoot? With four kiddos ages 4 years to 17 months, setting these huge wonderous expectations would have just set me up for failure. I mean really. They are kids. If they act exactly as you wish ^^^ those are the photos you get. Capturing kids in their moments and in their settings can make for a more delightful experience and even more delightful images. Make the best of your moments. Cherish the memories that you create. Myself, my mom and and my aunt will never forget our beautifully attired adventure through town that, of course, ended in a prize!

I promised them a ‘prize’ when we were done. Here is just a sneak at our after photo shoot adventure – the Chevron across the street and then the backyard!

Even when you have them happy, it doesn’t always mean the perfect photograph. However, the fact that they are in sugary bliss and in a moment of true enjoyment, I’m okay with this photo. It’s a reminder of who my children truly are. Not a pose, nothing special. Just a swing and an ICEE with their sibling.

Treasure the moments that life gives you. I promise I will still do everything in my power to get the ‘perfect’ shot, but don’t be afraid to wrap you arms around what you have in front of you already.

  • Maredith

    I love this… a photographer, I love the real, ‘imperfect’ shots, but not all clients understand that sometimes in a shoot it just doesn’t happen.ReplyCancel

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