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Five weeks early… times two

I can’t imagine what it must be like to head to your routine prenatal glucose test to find out that you are 4cm dialated. Next, your admitted to the hospital immediately and then told that you’ll be lucky if they don’t come before the night is over. Five weeks before they are supposed to arrive. |I have to add, that I was completely off on the arrival of these sweet babies. They were in fact TEN weeks early. I’m not sure why my mind was stuck on five, but ten makes a huge difference. Either way, they are both completely healthy and almost ready to head home!|

Boston and Charlotte’s conception was a journey in itself and while mom and dad where nothing but elated and thrilled for their arrival, wishing them an early arrival that would guarantee weeks in the NICU was never something anyone wished for, but that’s exactly what happened.

They were both born weighing under 4lbs, but miraculously have had minimal health struggles.

Here is what I got to witness. Days of routines, cables, machines and doing the best you can to bond with your sweet little babies. Constant watch at the numerous monitors around and listening for their  alarms wondering if anything might me wrong. Patience and strength is what I saw to these two young loving parents. A new and never ending love for one another and these two brave babies.

I’m so excited to see what these two precious babies have in store for you guys. I admire your strength and courage. Thank you for letting me inside.

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