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Friends = Love

Friends = Love

So, we moved. Moving is exciting; and hard. We moved quite a ways a way from where we were so coordinating play dates really wasn’t as feasible as we had hoped. Not seeing old friends meant only one thing; make new friends. Of course there was concern about the kids making new friends and finding a little crew to do life with, but we knew with time, we would make this new place our home.

We’ve had so many people accept us, and with our little growing community, I hope that we continue to be just as accepting of others and that our circle of ‘people’ continues to expand.

The fact that kids are so resilient has been our saving grace. This time in our lives is one that people are offended by everything, they feel the need to post their political jargon all over social media, which in turns offends others – and quite frankly – I’m over it.

People, we need love. We need to love each other for every reason we can; because they are our friends, our neighbors, our family, our church, our anything. Everyone deserves love. Even if we don’t agree with them.

Love = Respect – and y’all  – a little love and respect go a long way.

To live the life of a child again – the innocence – the oblivion to society and it’s views – the passion for having and creating fun – I’d give it all to live everyday in that mindset.

So here – here are three precious girls, who are full of nothing but love – for everything and everyone, because we could all use a little more of living life as they do.

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AngelsIG VDay Girls-3982 IG VDay Girls-4163 IG VDay Girls-4256 IG

Have grace, give grace and show grace and for goodness sake, show love.

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