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No Excuses

Recenlty, I had the privelage of meeting Kristen and her sweet momma, Debra. These two ladies reminded me so much of my own family it was a little scary. Not only did the bond between them glow, but they reminded me just how important it is to capture memories everyone you love. Why do we wait? Why are we sometimes too selfish to deny those we love our photographic memories?

I guess to be a little blunt, we typically all have excuses of why we don’t have our photo taken. I want to wait until I lose weight, or I don’t like anything I have to wear, or it’s too hot outside. Whatever your excuse may be, get over it. Truth is, your family and friends love you for who you are and will always cherish any images they have of you.

 Yes, the world is certainly digitized but even I can still sit for hours flipping through old photos of my grandmothers trying to decide what color the dresses were that my mom and aunt had on in the aged black and white photos.

So stop making excuses. Snap photos every chance you get and PRINT THEM OUT! Even if it isn’t with a professional; I’ve seen some amazing cell phone photos. Your entire family will appreciate it and your kids may even get a few laughs later on at the horrible attempt at family photos. I’ve even got a book of my not-so ‘awesome’ family photos started. I can’t wait to sit down when my kids are older and laugh until we cry looking at them.

Happy shooting, make some memories to share later on.

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