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Wide Open | CM Blog Circle – May

When I see or hear the term ‘wide open’, I can almost immediately belt out in the Dixie Chicks hit “Wide Open Spaces”. As fun as that might be, and as horrible as it may sound, it has nothing to do with photography.

The term ‘wide open’ in photography refers to the aperture of the lens that is being used being completely open, or set to the lowest number that it will go. The lens I chose for this post is my trusty 50mm f/1.4. It was my first ‘real’ lens I purchased and I have taken some of my most favorite images with it. If you are looking for a great first lens to add to your DSLR, then it’s what I recommend!

Back to aperture. It affects the depth of field  (DOF) in your images. The more shallow the depth of field, the less amount of the subject will be in focus. There are DOF calculators that will tell you the exact distance that will be in focus depending on your focal length of the lens and your aperture. It’s all dependent on the aperture, the focal length and your distance from the subject. I don’t use one, but I have practiced enough to know that if I want my entire subject in focus, I bump up my aperture to at least 2.8.

Here’s my first image. I posted it a couple of week ago, but I knew I had to take advantage of the scenario unfolding before me for this blog post.

Butterfly-5827 WR

My sweet girl and I explored a Monarch Butterfly exhibit and brought home a chrysalis to watch one emerge before our very own eyes. About 4 days after we brought ‘her’ home, that’s exactly what she did. Letting her go was on of the toughest things she’s done that she somewhat understands. She still bows her head and pouts when I show her this image. The area allowed to be in focus for this image was miniscule. Beyond a lucky shot, but it now has a permanent home in my favorites folder.

Here are a couple more images I grabbed of ‘her’ before she flew off to find a new home.

WideOpen-1 WR WideOpen-1-2 WR WideOpen-1-3 WR

I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet blog about ‘wide open’ in photography terms. Please go check out Quad City Photographer Aubrey Schlue of Aubrey Dawn Photography and her take on this month’s theme.

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